Best Digital Business Card 2023

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Digital business cards are a powerful tool for making connections. They provide an easy way to exchange contact information with colleagues, friends, and potential clients.

As more people turn toward digital interactions rather than face-to-face meetings, having a well-designed digital business card can be extremely beneficial.

By having the right digital business card you can stand out from the crowd and make sure that people remember you for all the right reasons.

But what makes a good digital business card?

Let’s take a look at some of the best digital business cards of 2023.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is an online version of a traditional business card. It typically contains your basic contact details such as your name, contact information, website, social media accounts and profiles as well as your professional information, like the your Job title, job experience and the company you work for.

Digital business cards go by many names from Virtual Business Cards, Electronic business Card, to e business card, NFC cards as well as digital e business cards and card apps. They all vary to some degree but by and large they all carry out the sole purpose of helping you easily and conveniently share your professional information so you can network with the right people.

6 Best Digital Business Cards for 2023

  • 1. Best Digital Business Card – Dot Cards
  • 2. Best Electronic Business Card – Ovou card
  • 3. Best QR Business Card – Beaconstac
  • 4. Best Virtual Business Cards – Hi Hello
  • 5. Best for Small Business – SwitchIT
  • 6. Best for Networking Professional – Kado Networks

Dot cards – Best Digital Business Card

Dot cards are electronic business cards that enable transfer data such as audio, video, files, and even contact information quickly and securely with just a simple tap.

Reaching the next level of networking and connecting is easier than ever with dot business cards. By digitally sending dot business cards out, you can meet people from around the world in no time, allowing for each connection to be more meaningful and powerful than ever before.

Unlike traditional business cards, dot cards let the recipient know who connected them and give each conversation the potential to bring about new ideas and opportunities.

Key Features

  • Personlize the look of your digital business card.

  • Works with all types of phones. Both iPhone and Android.

  • No app required to share your profile

Dot Pricing

So, how much does the Dot Cards cost? The basic option starts from just $20

Ovou Card

Ovou business cards help entrepreneurs and professionals build and nurture meaningful connections while showcasing important aspects of who they are as a person. The smart Ovou Business Card allows you to easily store contacts and their phone numbers directly onto your recipient’s phone, creating a simple, engaging experience for both parties that goes beyond the traditional resume sharing.

Plus, Ovou Card will help you keep track of any promises or offers made during the contact, as well as keep up with whom to follow-up on in the future. Not only is their Card helpful and convenient, but it gives an added level of connection that feels more personal than ever before.

Ovou believes in building relationships and taking networking to an entirely new level in 2023 – the Ovou NFC card can help you achieve just that!

Product Features

  • Ovou allows users to create and manage multiple cards for different purposes, such as personal use, for organizing business cards, or events.
  • Data tracking and NFC functionality make it easy to keep track of contacts, phone numbers and update information.

Ovou Pricing

So, how much does the Ovou Business Card cost? $79.99


The Digital Business Card from Beaconstac makes creating and using a smart business card effortless and inspiring. There Digital Business Cards are fully customizable, so you can design your digital business cards solve much as you wish, you can create digital business cards with unlimited QR codes with additional information, and easily share it via Google or Apple Wallet.

Your prospects don’t even need to download an extra app, making networking easier and more efficient than ever! Admin can also centrally manage their cards with Beaconstac for easy tracking and updating.

In addition, all the created digital electronic business cards worth using are automatically saved on Beaconstac directly, ensuring that no basic contact information is lost or forgotten. on easier than ever before with Beaconstac’s inspiring electronic business card solutions!

Key Benefits

  • Customizations

  • Analytics tracking

  • Lot of templates

  • Beaconstac is releasing new features including Active Directory, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations, Two-way contact sharing, Advanced tracking analytics, More digital business card layouts and Enhanced lead collection and management.

Beaconstac Pricing

HiHello – Best Virtual Business Cards

The HiHello digital card and virtual business card app is a popular platform that is available for free on Apple and Android phones. Hi Hello allows users to create, receive, and share virtual business cards with ease.

With HiHello, you can create a beautiful digital business cards and include your company logo in under ten minutes. HiHello’s contact manager app is designed to help you grow your network. HiHello also allows you to easily share your mobile digital business cards with anyone.

HiHello’s seamless contact management system makes networking a breeze. With HiHello, unique feature of generating email signatures you can easily create a professional electronic business card that will help you stand out from the crowd.

This digital business card maker is the best choice for solopreneurs who want to make a great first impression. Hi hello is also cost-effective and will update itself with your contacts’ latest information.

You can also customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups. Hihello is the best choice for anyone who wants an easy to browse library and-to-use Solution.

Key Benefits

  • Easily share your card with anyone, without them needing to download the app.

  • Share the card in many ways including email, QR code, social media, links, or an NFC tag.

  • Nice electronic business card templates for a professional design.

  • The HiHello app also has a business card scanner which is great if you’re still receiving physical business cards.

  • Simply scan the card with your phone and then a real-life person confirms the information is correct and adds it to an address book on the app.

  • There’s an address book, which is a great central place to see all your business contacts in one place.

HiHello Pricing

If you swap a business card with another HiHello user, then anytime someone updates their card then all users receive the update automatically.

Switchit – Best Electronic Business Cards for Small Businesses

With SwitchIt, you can design, send, receive, and organize your business cards all through the app, helping you keep track of potential clients with ease. They also allow you to send your card to someone that doesn’t have the SwitchIt app downloaded, so it’s very versatile (links to many social media platforms).

In addition, SwitchIt offers a variety of features that make it the perfect choice for small businesses. For example, their cards are fully customizable, so you can include all the information you want potential clients to see.

And because they are digital, you can make updates and changes as needed without having to print new versions of your card. Best of all, SwitchIt is cost effective. They have a free plan so you can get started without breaking the bank.

Product Features

  • You can create beautiful, professional business cards.

  • Send your virtual business card to 8 different ways.

  • Set reminders that will sync with your calendar.

  • Contains other features such as scanning and file uploads.

  • Bulk Creation feature

  • Pricing: There is a free version to get you started, with upgrades available as needed.

SwitchIt Pricing

Kado Networks – Best for Networking Professional

The Digital Business card is the perfect solution for large scale networking events where professionals build meaningful relationships that turn into deals. KADO offers a sleek, modern alternative to paper cards that is far more cost effective and best for small businesses.

With KadoNetwork, you can create digital business cards with ease, as well as receive updates from your contacts automatically. The app also has a built-in contact manager, so you can easily keep track of your growing network.

And with KADO’s robust features, users can easily navigate their networks and find the right connection for any opportunity so you can make the most of your networking and marketing efforts together. Whether you’re looking to make a new business deal or strengthen an existing relationship, KADO is the perfect networking solution.

In addition, KadoNetwork offers a variety of features that make it the perfect choice for small businesses. Best of all, KadoNetwork’ free plan is cost effective, so you can get started without breaking the bank. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, download KadoNetwork today.


  • Grow your business with less time wasted on managing contacts.

  • Spend more time focused on what you’re good at and let you take care of the rest.

Product Features

  • Keep all your contacts in one place.

  • Sync with Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn.

  • User-friendly interface.

Kado Networks Pricing

Pricing: $4/month for up to five users.

Mobilo Cards

Mobilo Key Features

  • NFC/RFID Enabled

  • QR Code for older phones

  • Customized designs with logo, colors, fonts, and branding.

  • Assigned designer

What to Look for When Choosing your Digital Business Card App

Traditional paper cards are starting to seem a bit old-fashioned. However, that doesn’t mean that making a good first impression has become any less important. If you’re looking for a modern way to make a great impression, consider investing in a virtual business card solution.

There are many options available, so how do you decide which solution to choose. First and foremost, your card should include your contact details, and unique features that will help you stand out from the competition. Perhaps you could include a video portfolio or interactive map of your locations.

Alternatively, you could offer a discount or special offer to those who view your card. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

How to Choose the Right Electronic Business Card for Your Business

Start by asking yourself some questions….Do you need something simple? Do you need something with advanced features? What’s the most cost-effective option? Here are some questions to ask yourself and help you find what you need:

  • Your budget: How much are you willing to spend? If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to go with a simpler option with an affordable price. If money is no object, then you’ll have more leeway when it comes to choosing features.

  • Your needs: What do you need your digital business card to do? If you’re just looking for something quick and easy to share your contact information with, then a simple card will suffice and save time. But if you’re looking to use your card as a networking tool, then you’ll want something with more features that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Your level of expertise: Are you comfortable using technology? If not, then you’ll want something easy to set up and use. On the other hand, if you’re tech-savvy and comfortable using various apps and software programs, then you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to choosing a digital business card.

How To Use Your Virtual Business Card

Despite the ubiquity of smartphones and Apps, traditional business cards are still an essential networking tool. Traditional, paper business cards can be easily lost or forgotten whereas digital cards offer a great way to make sure that your contact information is always available when you need it.

Questions? We Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

it’s a piece of cake! Just set up an account with one of the providers I mentioned earlier, and then get creative with your electronic business card design. You know what else you can do? Whip up a landing page or digital business card maker on your website. Include all the essentials like your contact info, details about your business, projects, and portfolio. Once you’ve got that ready, just link it to your email signature and share it across your social media platforms.

There’s a couple of ways to share your digital business card. – The first way is to simply send the business card as an email attachment. The recipient can then save the attachment to their computer or device. Another way to share your digital business card is by embedding it into a web page or blog post. This can be done using a free online service such as CX, which allows you to create a custom web page for your business card. When someone visits your web page, they’ll be able to see your digital business card and can either save it to their computer or device or print it out.

There are a few benefits of having a digital business card. First, it’s a great way to modernize your look and close the loop on offline interactions. A traditional business card can easily get lost or forgotten, but with a virtual cards, you can easily keep track of all your contacts and their information.

Second, it’s an easy way to also share digital business cards and your contact information with others. You can simply send them a link to your digital business card, or you can even add it to your email signature. This makes it easy for people to connect with you whenever they need to.

if you’re using a plain old static PDF file for your business card, you can jazz it up into an interactive PDF version. Tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro or InDesign are perfect for this. They let you add clickable areas that pop up windows or link to websites, and even allow you to include animations and other multimedia elements to make your virtual card a lot more engaging and fun.

irst, put some creative juices into it! Come up with an innovative design that will capture people’s attention and show off your personality or personal brand. Second, make sure it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. People will only be likely to use your virtual business card apps if it’s quick and easy to access. Finally, keep it updated! As your professional landscape changes, so should your virtual business card.

There are a lot of great digital business card designs out there, but some of my favorites include the following: 1. Minimalist designs that focus on the user’s name and contact information. These designs are simple, yet elegant, and they make it easy for people to quickly get in touch with you. 2. Designs that incorporate your logo or other graphics. These cards can be more eye-catching than minimalist designs, and they can help to set you apart from the competition. 3. Designs that are tailored to specific industries or professions. If you work in a creative industry, for example, you might want to consider a design that is more creative than physical business cards.

What are some creative ways to use a digital business card?

There are many creative ways to use a digital business card. Some people choose to showcase their creative juices by designing an interesting and innovative digital visiting card yourself. Others use it as an opportunity to show case themselves and their personal brand. And, still others find clever ways to use it in unique and unexpected ways. Digital business cards provide a wonderful opportunity to really express yourself and your personality in a very unique way. They can be used to stand out from the competition and create a lasting impression. So, don’t be afraid to get creative! Think outside the box and have some fun with it! You may be surprised at how effective a well-executed digital business card can be in helping you promote yourself and your business.

What are some tips for designing a great digital business card?

1. Keep it simple. Use a clean, minimalist design with plenty of white space to make your card stand out. 2. Use a recognizable font. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Arial are generally the best choices for digital business cards, as they’re easy to read on screens of all sizes. 3. Choose a color scheme that matches your branding. If you have a logo or other branding elements, use colors from those palettes in your physical business card design. 4. Make it unique. Since digital business cards are so easy to create and distribute, there’s no need to stick with the same old designs everyone else is using. Be creative and come up with something unique that will set you apart from your competitors.

How can I find the best digital business card template?

When looking for a digital business card template, it’s important to find one that is professional, high-quality, and easy to use. Some things to consider when choosing a digital business card template include the design of the template, the file type, and the software required to open and use the template. It’s also important to make sure that the template is compatible with both Macs and PCs. When choosing a digital business card template, it’s important to make sure that the file type is PDF format. This will ensure that the layout of your digital business card stays intact no matter which device it is viewed on.

What are some of the best digital business card tips?

As someone who has been using digital business cards for a while, here are my top tips: 1. Use a professional-looking template. This will help to create a good first impression with potential clients or employers. 2. Keep your information up to date. Make sure you always have the latest contact details in case someone wants to get in touch with you. 3. Be consistent with your branding. If you have a specific color scheme or logo that you use for your own print paper business cards, make sure to use it on your digital business cards too. 4. Use high-quality images and fonts. Nothing looks worse than blurry or distorted text or images on a digital business card. Always use the best quality images.

Key Takeaway

A digital business card is an essential part of networking in the 21st century. It makes you look more professional, saves you time and money, and ensures that all your contact information is always up-to-date. When choosing your solution, make sure to pick one that is easy to use, has all the features you need, and comes from a reputable company.

HiHello is a sleek and user-friendly app that allows you to create and easily share your business cards with ease. Switchit is another great option that lets you personalize your card with photos and videos. KadoNetwork is perfect for a networking event, as it lets you exchange cards with potential Business clients in a matter of seconds. Beaconstac is an innovative solution that uses QR codes to store contact information.

And finally, Popl is a simple option that is perfect for those who want to get started without any fuss. All of these options are great choices for anyone looking to make the switch to an online business cards.

My Final Thoughts

Having a good digital business card can help make networking easier than ever before—allowing you to connect with potential clients faster than ever before!

By using customizable templates and integrating contact information into the design, plus personalizing the overall look of the digital card, based on your brand guidelines, you can create an effective yet stylish digital business card that will leave a lasting impression on potential contacts.

Invest with some of the digital business cards we discussed in the blog and you’ll have an effective design so that when someone receives your card they are immediately impressed with its appearance!