Best Audiobook Apps for 2023 – Top 7

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As an entrepreneur and a blogger, I am constantly on the hunt for strategies to grow my business and expand my knowledge. I’ve found that audio book apps are one of the most efficient ways to do this. They allow me to learn while on the go, turning every moment into a potential learning opportunity. From a brisk morning jog to a long commute, these apps have transformed these routines into productive learning sessions. The result? Improved knowledge and skyrocketed productivity.

But why should you, as an ambitious entrepreneur, consider these apps? Let’s dive into the AIDA framework to get a clearer picture.

In our fast-paced world, time is a luxury few can afford. Balancing a thriving business, personal life, and continuous learning seems like a Herculean task. The challenge? Finding enough time to dedicate to learning and self-improvement.

Here’s where audio book apps come to the rescue. These power-packed platforms offer a solution to the time crunch, allowing you to learn while multitasking. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or even cooking dinner, you can absorb new information and ideas effortlessly. It’s about making your time work for you, not against you.

Beyond the convenience, audio book apps are often more cost-effective than traditional learning methods. Plus, they offer a wide range of topics, from business growth strategies to leadership skills. Imagine having a world-class library in your pocket, available 24/7, ready to maximize your learning opportunities at any given moment. Tempting, isn’t it?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits, it’s time to take action. To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 Best Audio Book Apps for 2023. Each app has its unique features and strengths; all you need to do is find one that suits your learning style. Stay tuned for my next post where I will delve into each app in detail, helping you make an informed decision.

    What Are Audio Book Apps?

    Audiobooks are a recording of a book that is read out loud by someone. You can listen to them on various platforms like your own mobile device devices, computer, or even on the Amazon Echo.

    Most audiobook services allow you to download the audiobook so you can do some offline listening as well as save it on your other devices.

    Listeners usually have the option to save their place. Choose where they want to start listening from, and even take notes while listening! 

    Best Audiobook Apps

    Ready to reap the benefits of audiobook apps? Here are the top seven apps for 2023 that will help you maximize your learning opportunities:

    Audible – My Top Pick
    Audiobooks – Best for Podcast Lovers
    Audiobooks Now – Best overall App for Audiobooks
    Google Play Books – Best Value for Money
    Downpour – best cheap audiobook app
    Kobo – Best Audible Alternative
    Apple Books – Best eReader Option
    Barnes and Noble NOOK – Best Library of Books

    Audible by Amazon – The best App for every Type of Reader

    Audible is a digital audiobook platform owned by Amazon. The audible app has an extensive library of over 450,000 titles to choose from and the audiobook format comes with features like chapter navigation and bookmarking. Audiobook listeners can create their own wish list and easily switch between listening on your own time or downloading books in progress.

    Audible App Key Benefits

    Amazon’s Whispersync feature allows users to switch between audiobooks and text near-seamlessly. You can even have Amazon’s Alexa access Audible so you can read through her voice.

    This smart audiobook player foolproof and much easier to use than other voice audiobook player apps

    Audible Pricing

    There are two membership levels: Audible Plus ($7.95 per month) and Audible Premium Plus (starts at $14.95 per month). You must have an Amazon account to join, though you do not need to be signed up for Amazon Prime. With each membership, you get full access to Audible Originals, Podcasts and Meditation Programs.

    You can purchase audiobooks with each, but with the premium subscription, you get credits that can be used toward them. Audible lets you listen on all your devices from phone, tablet, computer, Alexa, Sonos, or Kindle.

    Amazon Prime members who sign up at get two free credits when they start an Audible Premium Plus trial.



    This audiobook player is best for Android and iOS listeners, subscribers can choose from free titles from a library of more than 200k titles that are available on both devices.

    Key Benefits

    The AudioBooks app includes smart features such as variable playback speed (which will help you keep up with your slower-paced books), automatic bookmarking so it’s easier to find specific moments in an audiobook later down the line when listening without distractions like phone calls or text messages while also allowing users session isolation technology – making sure they don’t miss anything important by letting others outside interruptions.

    If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a purchase, you can always listen to ten-minute samples of free books at first. And if you ever want to save a particular section of an book, the app has a section for storing audio “notes.”

    Audiobooks Pricing

    For just $14.95 per month, gives you access to an extensive library of books, audio news, audio magazines, and even sleep and meditation content. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the company’s strong presence in the podcast marketplace, with unlimited access to over 100+ million podcast episodes.

    Each monthly subscription includes two audiobooks: one from the library card the regular catalog and one from exclusive VIP library. You can purchase any additional books you want separately after that.


    Audiobooks Now

    audiobooksnow offers an integrated market and audiobook player with a library of more than 150,000 bestsellers and classics. You can stream audiobooks for on-demand listening, or download titles to read them on the go.

    The app comes with bookmarking and playback controls, incoming call auto-pause and resume, and multi-device syncing.

    Audiobooksnow Key Features

    Extensive collection or popular audiobooks from non fiction to science fiction, to classic literature.

    audiobooksnow Pricing

    audiobooksnow also offers a book club-style subscription system that provides steep discounts. They also offer a 30-day free trial. So if you’re looking for a great way to listen to a book of your choice audiobooksnow is definitely worth checking out.


    Google Play Books – Best range of Audiobook Apps for Android

    Google Play Audiobooks is a relative newcomer to the audiobook scene, but it’s quickly become one of the best options thanks to its cross-platform syncing. Which means you can start listening on your Android phone, pick up where you left off on your iPhone, and then jump back in on your desktop PC without losing your place.

    With Google Play Books you can listen to downloaded audiobooks without signing up for a monthly service and prices are generally lower than what you’d find at your local library. One downside is that there’s no way to try out a book before you buy it, so you’ll want to make sure you’re picking something that you’re sure you’ll enjoy.

    Overall, Google Play Books doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other apps on our list, but it’s a solid option for those who want the flexibility to purchase audiobooks on an individual basis.


    Downpour – Best Cheap Audiobook App

    The Downpour Audiobook Store is the best affordable option! From its great selection of titles for purchase, to its dynamite audiobook collection that you can rent for either 30 or 60 days, Downpour caters to all of your audiobook needs.

    The best part? Their mobile app allows you to have easy access to your entire library from wherever you are and download all of your favorites for offline playback. As if that weren’t enough, you also get reliably-standard playback controls like chapter and 30-second skips, bookmarking, and a sleep timer.

    No matter what type of book worm you are – you’ll have a great audiobook experience in Downpour.


    Kobo – Best Affordable Audiobook App

    With Kobo Books, you can get affordable and reliable audiobooks. The monthly cost is cheaper than other big platforms, and it offers over a million titles that can be streamed directly from its website or app, meaning you don’t have to download anything first.

    Plus, you can also download them for offline listening without having an internet connection. But that’s not all – Kobo Audiobooks are compatible with a variety of devices ranging from smartphones to desktop computers.

    Key Benefits

    Kobo’s audiobook player covers your basics, with a timeline scrubber bar, time skip buttons, chapter navigation, playback speed configuration, and a snooze timer.

    The app provides cross-platform syncing and a customizable ebook reader in addition to the audiobook player.

    Kobo Pricing

    A Kobo Books membership will cost you $9.99 a month after an initial 30-day free trial.

    Each month, you receive one credit to use on a new audiobook, and if you don’t use your credit in a given month, it rolls over to the next month so you never lose it.


    Apple Books

    Apple Books is a great app for reading ebooks, but did you know that it also has a comprehensive audiobook store? Whether you’re looking for the latest bestseller or a classic work of literature, you’ll be able to find it all here.

    And if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, Apple Books makes it easy to browse by genre, bestseller list, or deal. There’s even a section of free audiobooks, which includes both public domain works and latest promotions.

    Key Benefits

    • Set your own reading goals

    • Sleep Timer

    Purchasing an audiobook is easy: simply choose the book you want and use whatever payment method is associated with your Apple ID. Then you can start listening immediately on your iOS device or Mac.


    Barnes and Noble NOOK

    Barnes and Noble’s Nook app is a great way to read books electronically. The app offers a variety of features that allow you to customize your reading experience. With the Nook app, you can instantly explore over a million ebooks, 75,000 free eBooks and more than 10,000 free audiobooks.

    Key Benefits

    The app is available on iOS and Android devices and has all of the features you’d expect from an audiobook app including bookmarking abilities, the option to set up sleep timers, CarPlay-compatibility, and more.


    There starter subscription costs $14.99 per month and comes with 1 month audiobook credit, which entitles you to one free audiobook a month and big savings on others.


    Learning has never been more accessible or convenient, thanks to audio book apps. As entrepreneurs, we should seize every opportunity to learn and grow. So, why wait? Dive into the world of audiobooks and unlock your true potential!

    Choosing The Right App For You

    Choosing the right audio book app can seem like a daunting task, given the multitude of options available. However, by focusing on a few key factors, you can ensure that you select an app that aligns with your needs and enhances your learning experience.

    The first factor to consider is the content library. Ideally, the app should offer a wide variety of books across different genres and fields. Whether you’re interested in business growth strategies, self-improvement, or even fiction, the app should cater to your preferences. Some apps may also offer additional content such as podcasts and lectures, which could be a bonus if you enjoy diverse learning resources.

    Top tip: Choose an App with a large selection of audiobooks. The app should have a large selection of audiobooks so that you can find something to suit your interests.

    Next, consider the app’s usability and features. Look for features like bookmarking, which allows you to mark specific sections for later reference, and variable speed options, which let you adjust the playback speed based on your comprehension level.

    Offline access is another crucial feature, especially if you travel frequently or have an unstable internet connection.

    Lastly, check out the app’s pricing structure. While some apps offer a flat rate for unlimited access, others work on a credit system where you purchase individual books. Consider your reading habits and budget before making a decision.

    Hot tips: Choose an app with competitive prices on its books so that you’re getting a good deal. Also keep in mind that most providers offer a free audiobook to encourage your reading goals.

    Keep an eye out for:

    • User-friendly interface: The app should be easy to use and navigate so that you can start listening to your book as soon as.

    • A smart audiobook player will be available in Mac and Android devices

    • A free trial: The app should offer a free trial so that you can try out the service before you commit to it.

    Questions? We Have Answers.

    Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

    Audiobooks can be listened to in a number of ways. The most popular way is to download the audiobook to your computer or portable device and then listen to it that way. However, you can also listen to audiobooks streaming online or on the radio.

    Audiobooks subscriptions typically work one of three ways: monthly, annually, or unlimited access. With a monthly subscription, you’re typically given a limited number of credits each month that you can use to download audiobooks. Once you’ve used up your monthly credits, you need to purchase more if you want to continue listening. Annual subscriptions generally give you unlimited access to the audiobook library for the year. You can download and listen to as many books as you want during that time period. And finally, some services offer an app purchase option where you can download the free app and have access to the audiobook library without having to subscribe.

    An audio book is a recording of someone reading a book aloud, whereas an e-book is a digital version of a printed book.

    An audiobook subscription is a type of subscription plan or digital media service that allows you to listen to audiobooks for a fixed monthly fee. Usually, the first month is free so that you can try out the service. After that, the monthly fee will be automatically charged to your bank account or debit card. Most audiobook subscriptions allow you to listen to an unlimited number of books each month.

    Audiobooks can be a great way to improve your productivity, learn a new skill, or just relax and unwind. With an audiobook subscription, you have unlimited access to thousands of titles, so you can find the perfect one for every situation.

    Subscription costs vary depending on the service you use, but most start at around $10 per month. Some of the best apps offer a 30-day free trial so that you can test out the service before you buy.

    My Final Thoughts

    The power of audiobook apps lies in their ability to transform ‘idle’ moments into valuable learning opportunities. Their convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make them a game-changer for busy individuals looking to expand their knowledge base. With features tailored to enhance your reading experience, these apps cater to the unique needs of every reader.

    In this digital age, it’s time we rethink traditional reading methods. Audiobook apps offer a promising alternative, allowing us to keep learning, growing, and evolving, no matter how busy our schedule. So, why not give it a try? Download an audiobook app today, and embark on a journey of endless learning possibilities. It’s time to turn every moment into a chance to learn and grow.

    Remember, as the adage goes, knowledge is power. And with audiobook apps, that power is now at your fingertips, literally!